Becoming a Change Leader

It is essential for leaders not only to accept change but also to create it, say experts. According to a survey by Harvard Business Publishing, this requires leaders to have four capabilities:

  • to be a dynamic strategist
  • to be a courageous innovator
  • to be emotionally and culturally intelligent
  • to be a learner/teacher who develops his or her own and their teams’ strengths.

Being a dynamic strategist means that a leader is focused on the future while being flexible; fosters a culture that welcomes strategic initiative; and looks at the larger business scenario for opportunities.

Leaders also effectively communicate strategic objectives to the organization on an ongoing basis and seek to align employees’ activities to objectives. Leaders also should support innovators throughout the risk-taking process. “You really need to make sure that people understand that failure is a possibility and they know in advance how you’re going to deal with it,” says Harvard Business School Professor Howard Stevenson. Ideally, leaders are also self-aware while inspiring people through influence and example.

Leadership thinker and Author James MacGregor asserts that the key to transforming leadership is the belief that people “can be lifted into their better selves.” And as the bulk of learning takes place informally throughout the workday, leaders should serve as coaches and mentors to guide and advise their direct reports and staff across the organization.

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