Make Boss’ Day – The day of Get it Done

I hereby declare Boss’ Day the the Day of the GET IT DONE.  As in – go do it. Now!  Make progress!  Move forward already!

English: Xavier University's Smith Hall

Xavier University’s Smith Hall

DO: Create forward movement in your business

Ok fellow Ember Carriers, business owners, soloprenuers, and start-ups – it’s time to stop talking about all your great projects and plans you are going to do “someday.”  Today is someday! celebrate Boss’ Day by getting ON with IT!Atlanta

DO: Take action NOW

What are you waiting for?

  • 2014?
  • A super hero?
  • The “perfect client?”
  • To get enough money to hire a team of trained professionals to do it for you Aufblasbare Zelte?
Oh, wait – what was that last one is a viable option – and if you can’t afford a team just start with one person for one project?
DO: Delegate

Delegating does not mean giving up full control of your business.  The day I hired Jackie as my part time assistant the is the day my life got easier.  Delegating means creating the freedom to work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ it, and even more important, it gives you the freedom to open yourself up to attract more clients!

Another idea is to hire interns.  I have three well-respected colleges and universities in my backyard and this year I participated in Xavier University’s mentor program and this opened my eyes to the possibility of interns.  I have two mentees and they both were working hard to secure summer internships.  It was then I thought why not hire college kids to help with projects.  It helps them with work experience and it provides companies with fresh perspectives in areas like social networking, multimedia and web 2.0 strategies.
Check out all the amazing ways assistants (virtual or in-person) and interns can help you revolutionize your business today and into 2014:
Always wanted an ezine to call your own, but start sweating when you think about all the work and research involved? Well, take a deep breath, relax, and let art students help you get that done for you and Voila, IT’S DONE!  Or, let’s say you are awesome and already have an Ezine but now you need a new content to spice things up well this is where a few minutes a day hire someone to search top blogs for trends.Writing, Proofreading and Editing Services
Commas and semicolons and grammar, oh my! Is that a colon or a dash? Its or it’s? Affect or effect?  Can’t spell?  Don’t worry.  There are people in the world that love the details by nature, they lived for it and are probably more meticulous than you, at times.  From copywriters, to fact checkers to researchers, hiring assistant or interns help you avoid those ghastly grammatical errors and escape the trappings of idiocy.Teleseminar Support and Production
Daydreaming about your one (or thirty) teleseminars that you intend to have if you could just find the time to figure out how to have a teleseminar? You tell an assistant when and they can take care of the how!  From squeeze page to the very last auto-responder, assistants think through every detail covered.Graphic Design
Banners, t-shirts, brochures, business cards, e-books, invitations, logos – you name it! If you want a pretty picture, a unique design, a creative marketing tool, or an impressive brand, hire a graphic design student and they will work with you to create graphics that match you, your energy, style, and image. Another great option I have been using lately is where you can hire talent starting at only $5.  The things that take us hours and even days can take experts minutes.  Stop procrastinating trying to find the right design just give the assignment to an art director.  I found a great one on
In drastic need of some website updates? Do you need a page added to your site? Would you like to create a membership community or establish a WordPress Blog?  Or, do you just plain old need a website? Chances are you are already outsourcing this type of work but don’t just use one person.  You can have a team of web experts that can take care different areas. And while my colleague Kirk Carter will cringe and this thought, until you are ready to complete a full marketing plan, a decent website with your vision is better than one that is out dated and hideous.  make iterative changes to keep your site fresh.

Social Networking
Interns and assistants are a great option for social media.  You can write the posts but let them help you with the research and maximizing your company’s social media presence.  Have them review and polish your various profiles with updated information, collaborate on what and when to post, and determine what networks attract your best clients.

Wishing you success and productivity in remaining days of 2013 and into 2014!


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