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What do YOU stand for?

I could also ask, “What does peanut butter have to do with Mike Wallace?” Huh?!? Bear with me… And how does that effect the price of tea in China Mike Wallace, one of the most pugnacious journalists to walk the planet, left a legacy when he died. He fought for justice…for what is right…and drove … Continue reading

How Do You Hire?

Many of my clients are CEOs and owners of mid-sized businesses, and do you know what one of their most challenging problems is?  It is saying no to a friend or relative who needs a job.  Can you relate to this? In the last year, have your important new hires been made because: • Your … Continue reading

Does Your Environment Reflect Your Values?

As the CEO of a mid-sized business, have you given a great deal of thought to your company’s environment?  Is the building you are in old or new, modern or outdated?  Is the environment one on which you have put your stamp, and sought input from professionals to design the best space possible? Your employees’ … Continue reading

Does Your Company Have an Employee Retention Problem?

In my travels and my work with many different companies, I have often found that some managers turn a blind eye to how often there is employee turnover in their firm.  Some executives think that a change in employees is to be expected, just as at the end of the football season, the team’s players … Continue reading

Does Your Company Need a Mission Statement?

One of the most intriguing aspects of building a business is creating a mission statement to sum up the essence of the company.  It is quite a creative challenge to take a look at the organization you have built, and to write a clear and concise mission statement about it.  Yet it is an important … Continue reading

The Wise Investment – Employee Training

Employee training is essential to any business, but it requires planning and careful management to ensure that time and resources invested in the program are used wisely. Employee training can reduce costly errors and the loss of company reputation and consumer trust. It also boosts morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty among workers. Training programs often … Continue reading

Becoming a Change Leader

It is essential for leaders not only to accept change but also to create it, say experts. According to a survey by Harvard Business Publishing, this requires leaders to have four capabilities: to be a dynamic strategist to be a courageous innovator to be emotionally and culturally intelligent to be a learner/teacher who develops his or … Continue reading

Make Boss’ Day – The day of Get it Done

I hereby declare Boss’ Day the the Day of the GET IT DONE.  As in – go do it. Now!  Make progress!  Move forward already! Xavier University’s Smith Hall DO: Create forward movement in your business Ok fellow Ember Carriers, business owners, soloprenuers, and start-ups – it’s time to stop talking about all your great projects … Continue reading

A Simple Plan: Three Goals for Every CEO

In an interview with the New York Times, FM Global CEO and Chair Shivan S. Subramaniam revealed the most important tools for managers when ensuring employees are being productive. He said that while not everyone completes tasks in the same way, as long as the tasks are completed with the firm’s goals in mind, managers … Continue reading

Celebrate Progress and Small Wins

Recently during a conversation with a client over the summer she was telling about her 5 year old graduation from Kindergarten.  Kindergarten?!? I don’t remember graduating.  A few weeks later I discuss this concept with another consultant who said he never went to his graduation after receiving his master’s degree from University.  And then in … Continue reading

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