Welcome to Ember Carriers

No one knows your business, industry or clients better than you do, but in the face of new and growing challenges you could possibly do with some help. We are here to help you realize your true organizational potential, and take your performance goals from possibilities to results; it’s all about having a workplace that’s both effective and profitable.

But how do we do that, and what makes us different? Please let me explain ‘why Ember Carriers’ …

These stalwarts of organizational success exist in every business, whatever the size or whatever the industry. Some might be known by their title and some by their influence. Some might be called leaders, but what they all are is individual contributors that people respect. These are the Ember Carriers of your business.

Fire was the life blood of any nomadic tribal cultures; the fire of a campsite was how you kept warm and cooked your food. The fire of the camp was where hunters and warriors rested, and where elders and mothers told stories to inspire, motivate and teach the next generation. Those who kept the fire going were the Ember Carriers, and they carried a lot of responsibility.

In the modern business world, the fire of organizations like yours is its vision, engagement, authenticity, and vitality. The Ember Carriers of today’s organization tend the fires of creativity, motivate teams to strive for stretch goals, and inspire greatness. The fire keepers of today need to understand how they can ignite the fires of passion, and fan the flames on engagement. And that’s where we come in.

We understand what makes these people tick, we know how to improve what they and do and we can help identify and develop more of them. And none of this is done in any sort of packaged way. We know that every business has its own needs and quirks and, most of all, its own culture, and that means that any support we give is wholly tailored to your business.

So, please take a further look at what we have to offer, or if I’ve already whet your appetite then do please get in touch. I have a huge passion for what I do, and I have a huge passion for my clients – work with me and you’ll not doubt it when I say that “your business is my business.”

To your success,