City Leadership Workshop

The City Leadership Workshop

Join Us For
A Special 2-Day Event

October 18 & 19, 2016

Sign up now to RSVP for this special 2-day event designed to help you become a better leader.

My new book, “Developing Leaders” is due to release later this year. As a special promotion I am offering complimentary two day seminar on the following topics:

  • Increasing Your Leadership Effectiveness
  • Leading Change in Today’s World
  • Handling Stress in the Workplace
  • Controlling Chaos within Your Team

Over our two days together you will learn…

  • How to become a GREAT leader instead of just a boss
  • Understand the common pitfalls trying to manage the “unmanageable”
  • Strategies for prioritizing tasks for yourself and your employees when everything’s “due yesterday”
  • How to help your people through the basic change cycle
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